SoftAcademia || comprehensive educational institution management solution


SoftAcademia is user-friendly, which means it is not difficult to learn and understand. It is Simple - Not complex, It is straight forward, Well organized. Users are able to easily locate applications and their associated features. Very intuitive and reliable.


The SoftAcademia applications, services and or resources are delivered globally to users/subscribers on demand via the internet. This solution delivery model is made possible through CloudFectiv's Cloud Computing providers platforms/servers


In keeping with CloudFectiv's mantra of "helping organizations orchestrate towards an improved customer experience and increased revenue", the SoftAcademia Solution help educational institutions find, support and maintain their brand value.


SoftAcademia is a comprehensive educational institution management solution that addresses the major needs of an educational institution. This solution is designed to deliver and provide the key functionalities that are necessary to meet the emerging and evolving educational information management and delivery market. The foundation of this initiative is based on consulting, development and educational institutional knowledge and experience of Gerald Provost, Managing Partner – CloudFectiv, and his team who have provided multiple solutions to include student information systems to multiple US-based school systems. This knowledge has enabled them to create a solution capable of satisfying important real-world educational institutions’ information management requirements.

The delivery model is primarily Cloud based leveraging SaaS (Software as a Service). We also provide an on-premise delivery model or Hybrid implementation – (cloud and on-premises). 

In addition the solution seamlessly support single or multi-tenant deployments. Regardless of the implementation model, performance with respect to the supported applications is such that a user is unaware as to which environment their services are being provided from. One should note that each function of the solution is capable of functioning as an independent system to meet a specific need. The solution is created to meet many USA state regulatory needs. Minimal customization is required for educational institutions beyond the USA.


Class Timetable, Teacher Timetable, Assign Class Teacher, Promote Students , Subject Group, Subject ,Class ,Sections
Student Details, Student Admission, Online Admission, Disabled Students, Multi Class Student, Bulk Delete, Student Categories, Student House, Disable Reason
Session List
Collect Fees, Search Fees, Payment Search, Due Fees, Fees Master, Fees Group, Fees Type, Fees Discount, Fees Carry Forward ,Fees Reminder
Add Income, Search Income, Income Head
Add Expense, Search Expense, Expense Category
Staff Attendance, Student Attendance
Exam Result Design, Admit, Card Print, Admit Card Design, Marksheet Print, Marksheet Exam, Schedule Marks, Grade Exam, Group Exam Typec
Staff Directory, Staff Attendance, Payrol,l Approve Leave, Request Leave, Leave Type, Teachers Rating ,Department ,Designation, Disabled Staff
Issue, Return, Add Staff, Add Student, Book Lists
Issue Item, Add Item, Stock Add Item, Item Category ,Item Store ,Item Supplier
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Assign Vehicle, Vehicles Routes
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