User Friendly Interface

It is simple, not overly complex, and is straightforward. Users can easily locate applications and features. It is clean, intuitive, organized, and reliable.

Cloud Based Solution

The SoftAcademia applications services and resources are delivered globally to users on-demand. It is delivered through CloudFectiv’s Cloud Computing platform.

Win Win Platform

SoftAcademia helps educational institutions find and maintain their brand. They are able to orchestrate towards an improved student, faculty and vendor experience.

Why SoftAcademia ?

SoftAcademia is a comprehensive management solution for educational institutions that addresses all major needs. This solution is designed to deliver and provide the key functionalities that are necessary to meet the emerging and evolving educational markets. The foundation of this initiative is based on the consulting, development, and institutional knowledge and experience of Gerald Provost, Managing Partner at CloudFectiv. Gerald and his team have provided multiple solutions within academia to include student information systems, enrollment systems, library management, and inventory & warehouse management systems. This knowledge has enabled them to create SoftAcademia, which is a solution that is capable of capturing, managing, and delivering all information management requirements for educational institutions globally.

The delivery model is primarily cloud-based leveraging SaaS (Software as a Service). We also provide an on-premise delivery model or hybrid implementation with higher charges. In addition, the solution seamlessly supports single or multi-tenant deployments. Each feature of the solution is capable of functioning independently to meet specific needs of the institution. All data within an educational system can be shared with other components of the system. The system is built to meet many United States regulatory requirements. Minimal customization is required for educational systems outside of the United States.

SoftAcademia-Comprehensive Educational Institution Management Solution

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Features of the SoftAcademia Solution

Calendar System

The Calendar System is designed to address the needs of reporting and tracking school day categories and events at the institution.

Student Enrollment

The Student Enrollment function captures all demographic information within the educational institution.

Multi-Tenant Deployments

Multi-Tenant Deployments allow for data sharing as well as isolation across institutional groups.

Integrated Dashboard

SoftAcademia contains an applications dashboard that integrates information from multiple SoftAcademia components into a unified display.

Codeigniter MVC Framework

SoftAcademia is built on latest version (3.1.11) of the Codeigniter MVC framework, which allows for the separation of application logic from presentation.

Administrator, Student, Parent and Teacher Portal

SoftAcademia has a comprehensive and secure portal for administrators, teachers, students, and parents to share relevant information.

Student Fees Management

SoftAcademia includes an all-inclusive function that can manage extensive data regarding student payments.

Subscriber customization

SoftAcademia is easily customizable with a number of custom variables that enables users to customize applications/components to meet specific institutional needs.

Multiple Language Support

SoftAcademia supports 21 different languages and enables operations in multiple countries, regardless of any language barriers.

Unified Communication Platform

SoftAcademia contain a robust unified communications function that includes unified messaging , integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax. It supports user interface that can be leveraged across multiple devices and media types.


SoftAcademia contains a robust reporting & analytics engine, which enables classroom reporting & analytics, student reporting & analytics, housing reporting & analytics, and teacher and administrator reporting & analytics.


SoftAcademia has an Accounting Information System that supports invoice, payroll, fee management, scholarships & funding, and audit accounting & integration.


SoftAcademia includes full Academics Management to include attendance, attendance percentages, exam grading percentages, GPA rankings, and credits earned. .


The SoftAcademia Leave Management function helps teachers, administrators, and others with time tracking, PTO, ATS and more.

Transport management

With SoftAcademia, users can manage schedules, payroll, and leave for institutional drivers in a single place.

Student fees management

Users can easily collect and manage payments online/offline, receive electronic checks, issue refunds, and provide discounts through multiple methods. .

Dormitory / Hostel Management

SoftAcademia has a comprehensive Dormitory/Hostel Management functionality with specific features to include cubicle and bed management within a facility.

Library management

SoftAcademia has a Library Management functionality with features such as cataloging, student/patron management, online access, and self-service that are all specific to the educational institution’s library/libraries.


Users can easily administer all solution functions to include Attendance, Accounting, Admissions, Enrollment, Reporting & Analytics, Web Portal, and Library Management.

Daily attendance

SoftAcademia has a hassle free Daily Attendance Application, which allows users to track student attendance, record lateness, and unexcused absences.


SoftAcademia contains an editing and publishing tool that helps users create institutional websites, regardless of technical skill level.


Users can organize classes into multiple sections to build positive and compassionate classroom communities that engage learners, and decrease disruptive behaviors and distractions.

Online Admission

SoftAcademia has an Online Admission function that can be accessed within the institution’s website or outside the institution’s website with the proper credentials.


SoftAcademia’s integrated Inventory Management function provides inventory tracking, purchasing, and warehouse management to improve automation, demand forecasting, and visibility.


Users can automatically analyze, verify, track, and report all institution transactions to include enrollment, expenses, deposits, payments, and fees.

Online Exam Builder

SoftAcademia Exam Builder enables educational institutions to easily create exams to fit any level of difficulty.


The SoftAcademia Payroll Management function is a solution that will automate an institution’s payroll processes to include deductions and tax requirements with the click of a button.


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